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Art Authentication Platform Implementation and Technical Resources Integration (2)

Art authenticity disputes happen both within the country and abroad. Art dealers have their own buying-and-selling strategies; they yield large profits in art trade, eager for establishing reputation in the industry. The advancement of technology is able to provide more precise testing methods. This still cannot stop counterfeit art entering the market. There have even been instances where the restorer did not realize a piece of art was counterfeit until testing.


How an art authentication mechanism can be set up and executed is a priority for experts. The main reason behind this is because there is no organization in Taiwan dedicated to art authentication. There are no appropriate sources of law, policies, or insurance against risks during the authentication process. There is also no standardized authentication expert certification system. Therefore, before a certification mechanism is drafted, a platform can be organized first. It can either refer as an academic group, a laboratory, an association, or foundation that aggregates experts’ experience and suggestion in order to depict the future blueprint of artwork authentication in Taiwan.


Even a platform has been established, we still need to consider to what extent the information and resources regarding authentication can be shared and exchanged within the industry. At the same time, the safety and freedom of speech of experts and restorers can be protected. We also have to plan how to systematically archive pigments, canvases, and techniques applied in both masterpieces and recent new media art. This information platform will be provided as references for research purposes, authentication, and restoration. It can also be used for long-term tracking and updates, which will, in turn, enhance both the public’s and industry’s attention and participation towards art authentication.


This seminar was held on July 27, 2016. Dr. Chieh-hsiang Wu from the Department of Fine Arts at National Changhua University of Education, Professor Hanzhong Wu from the Cheng Siu University Conservation Center, and Chiang Sung Kuo, adjunct professor from the Fine Arts Program at the National Taiwan University of Arts were invited to speak.

Topic: Art Authentication Platform Implementation and Technical Resources Integration (2)


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