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Art Authentication Platform Implementation and Technical Resources Integration (1)

In order to serve and to build art authentication specialization in Taiwan, we must first establish training and certification systems for art authentication experts. This allows standardization of the authentication procedures and methods employed. It also hints the establishment of an art authentication group and databases. Expert’s specialization is crucial to concrete their credibility in art authentication. In the initial stages, an association/a platform will reach a consensus, take inventory of current experts and institutional resources, and research art authentication standards procedures. Finally, promoting and realization of expert education and expert certification is the essential task in the near future.  


Tokyo Art Club, for example, is a civilian organization supported by a professional team. The authentication reports it generates has its own voice and credibility in the industry. We recommend the association/platform to reference the Tokyo Art Club’s operating model, and to network partnerships with academic groups, industry leaders, and artist foundations. The association/platform coordinates resources and issue authentication certificates. Experts believe that if the government plays a leading role in the establishment of expert certification, art authentication specialization then can be quickly developed. With the resources and materials offered or supported by public sectors, integration of civilian resources and reaching a consensus can be achieved even faster.


This seminar was held on July 26, 2016. Dr. Chieh-hsiang Wu from the Department of Fine Arts at National Changhua University of Education, Professor Wei-Tun Chang from the Department of Forensic Science at the Central Policy University, and Professor Yuan Feng Chang, director of the Research Center for Conservation of Cultural Relics at National Taiwan Normal University were invited to speak.

Topic: Art Authentication Platform Implementation and Technical Resources Integration (1)


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